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"And so hatred is born from the necessity of revenge... A necessity that fades away into nothingness the same way our souls are lost. But that doesn't stop us." Elkantar of the Zaknlyn.


I was there, when everything around us turned to pieces.

I was there: one more slave in the chaotic rebellion that took place in Menzoberranzan. Yes. I was there, when the fires of the duergar released the scent of burnt drow flesh, of destruction and misery. I was there when House Agrach Dyrr revealed its true face, revealed its true power that was being held back by matriarchal doctrines given to the dark elves by an insect. I was there when Menzoberranzan nearly fell to the ground through sweet chaos. I was there, and I ran free for the first time, enjoying the blood of dark elves in my less than sharpened blade, hearing their screams of agony, and our roars of victory. I was there, enjoying the scents of death that only led us to freedom. I was there when Lord Dyrr, the Lichdrow, failed in his task; when the supposed masters of shadows of the Chaulssin retreated back to their places of comfort like the cowards they were.

I was there, when everything around us turned to pieces.

The Lichdrow defeated, the duergar forces taking the brunt of it. My beloved kin. My children. My half breeds, slaughtered while I could only watch; shredded to pieces for my treachery; sacrificed to the Spider Bitch as spoils of victory! My body, broken to the point of no return, functionality fading away, pain disappearing. Yes. I took it all; served in their games of lust for their entertainment, a collar restricting my movements to their wills; felt the acid burn away skin until there was little left. Died and came back with their malicious spells that would not allow me to rest. My eyes they blinded, so that I could not build better memories through them; so that the deaths of my own were the last memory I remember seeing. In their dark dungeons, no gods heard my plea. Loth laughed. Eilistraee winced. Vhaeraun became deaf. Prayed to the gods of the goblins even... No answer came. No answer came, except a tug into insanity that was forever there.

Hatred took hold. No. It was something beyond hatred. Something that shook my body to its foundations. It held no reason or pattern to it. It was free and wild. It called to me like madness: Cyric's voice became my guide. I was of no use to them anymore when my body would no longer please them. From their deposits of trash and leftover food, the Black Sun touched me, brought me strength. Bleeding through every possible orifice, bones shattered and missing fingers, I moved only by the strength that his voice was giving me, but I was not ready for revenge yet.

I disappeared and ran away: a blind piece of flesh taking shelter between a kin that I could no longer feel part of. I had failed them. No matter how they treated me, my soul was distant. I was dead. Certainly, the whole rebellion was a front for bigger things - such were the words of the dark elves that tortured my body. Certainly, I was a tool for mere distraction as were the thousands of orcs, goblins hobgoblins and other foul creatures that fought beside me, killed beside me, and died beside me. But I believed it. I believed in the possibility of rebellion with what once was my heart. I believed in a better world for my children. Now they're dead. All of them. Why then should I care for a better world? What is a better world? The definition of it escapes me 'till this day. A world without dark elves does not sound essentially "better" - as I no longer know what "better" is - but it is... acceptable, nonetheless.

My true name, I cannot remember. My mind and looks I changed, literally becoming one of my foes - handsome and charismatic - to better understand their motives and their weaknesses. I rose up from the ashes as Elkantar, gaining coin from my skills in the art of silent death. It was not so hard when most of my targets were drow. I no longer felt anything for them, just a pulsing hate that seemed shallow at the time. With my rise, an order rose up that took up the blade of the assassin by my side. Cold and methodical with nothing but a common hatred for the dark elves. Humans, goblins, hobgoblins, half drow and even some drow: it did not matter as long as my goal was fulfilled. It did not matter as long as I had talented souls under my hand.

Years passed by, but I was still weak, incomplete. The only god that had found me when I was so near death, came back to me, saw the potential in my hatred and how to put the pieces of my life together for a certain success. Someone that took strength out of chaos and shaped broken lives into powerful vessels. I found the Black Sun again. He made me complete, and all I had to do was to give him my soul. I had no need for a broken and pitiful thing such as that. It was a nuisance. I gave him everything: my heart with all its emotions and feelings - physical and not physical - and all desires in exchange for the power that only the Black Sun could provide me with. Any method or means is justified if it brings about the desired end - such is the dogma of the Black Sun. One thing I asked of him: that he left this hatred towards that dark elven race in me so that I could accomplish the purpose that I knew I was sent for.

To kill them all...
Ok, so this is a little dark and... uhm... messed up - it would have been worse with the details - but I decided to give it a try. Life at the moment has been a bit frustrating and you can only take those moments to make the best of them or release them into something by being productive. I did that with this short piece, as finding that "dark part" of myself is rather difficult any other day.

I haven't had the time to write single pieces as of lately and hence why this piece is so short and somewhat experimental. Elkantar is a "drow" (long story) character, an assassin and leader of the Zaknlyn order that is dedicated to Cyric mainly. They're not located in one single drow city, but started in Menzoberranzan after the events of War of the Spider Queen. I'm not sure where their HQ would be. I'll come up with something, or you guys can come up with something too.

He's beyond insane as he holds no soul. This piece uncovers a bit of his background, which is relatively close to Grey's own. In other words, Elkantar is what Grey would have or could become if he gives in to his own insanity. In fact, The Master Assassin and First Shadow of the Zaknlyn (his titles) was Grey's superior for quite a long time as Grey used to belong to said order. Elkantar is just an effect to a cause stated in the books mentioned above (great books, go read them).

Anyways, let me know what you think of this my experiment.

EDIT: I found the perfect place for their HQ. :)

Inspired by:
- Wildfire - Sonata Arctica
- Don't say a word - Sonata Arctica
Both from the same album. Really good :)

Elkantar and Grey are my property. Please no stealing (they took time to make).

The songs... Sonata Arctica - they're win.

War of the Spider Queen belongs to WotC.
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Zireael07 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
This is brilliant! I love the idea.
elDrow Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012  Professional General Artist
^^ Thank you. I should write more about this. Probably will go back to Grey's story now that my finals are done.
XullraeZauviir Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
A character worth pitying. :depressed: Very emotional. Still I'm glad nothing like him exists in cannon. I love the drow too much. :devilish:

Now we just need to see him with Grey before the half-drow defected. :dance:

Guess I'll make a Grey/xull folder and stuff this in there. :love: Just in case my red head clashes with him. ;)
elDrow Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2012  Professional General Artist
Thanks for the comment :) Feel honored by it :blushes:

Yes, I agree that it would be interesting to see him with Grey when he was his superior. I'm building Grey's story until he reaches Winterhaven, so I will include that there, but I might short stories that might give insight to that.

As for the folder XD Again, honored. Being with Grey, it's nearly impossible to not have Elkantar encounters. Be prepared O_O
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